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What is intends to serve you a relevant set of information to install, configure and maintain Half-Life 2 (Source) based servers, including its modifications. Setting up a Source Dedicated Server for the first time can be a puzzling experience. You will come across terms like 'cvars', 'tickrates' and 'plugins'. We try to guide you through the process and give you a push into the right direction. Soon you too will become gameserver expert!

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[TIPS] Running a fully successful server
Alright, so it's almost 10am, I've been up all night, just setup my 11th server on my current...
Tutorial: How to setup a TF2 server
This is based on my experience with setting up a server from scratch, IE I didnt know anything...
gmod port forwarding help required
Please i really need some help, i've been searching allover google for answers but the answers i...
SRCDS - Windows
Team Fortress 2 - guide server.cfg
hostname "blah blah" sv_rcon_banpenalty "0" sv_rcon_log "1" sv_rcon_maxfailures...
High tickrate and rate SRCDS FAQ
Up to date version can be found here:...
server.cfg resource thread
Please post here your server.cfg snippets and information...
Running a Server and Playing on The Same Computer
Ok, for many questions lately, I've had to answer that it is bad to run SRCDS and play on the same...
SRCDS - General
To use sv_downloadurl you have to do a couple of things. Ok lets say you have 3 sounds and 1 map...
Mani Admin Plugin Installation/Configuration Tutorial
This tutorial is old and has been replaced by a new, complete and up to date tutorial over...
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SRCDS Guardian 3.0
I took some time to tweak my SRCDS Guardian tool. No major changes. Mostly I just cleaned up the...
Programs and Utilities
TF 2 Server Install
wget chmod +x...
SRCDS - Linux
[v2.3.1.0] SRCDS Admin - manage your Source servers (now supports auto-update))
SRCDS Admin is now seDirector. Click here to be taken to the new topic....
Programs and Utilities
Game Control Panel (GCP) list
Hi. Here is a list of game control panels available. This thread was orginally started by...
The Admins Pit
Player rate tracking system using Linux's firewall (iptables)
Low rate tracking system Description The Low Rate Tracking System kicks/bans laggy low rate...
SRCDS - Linux
Source Dedicated Server Steam Community Group
Hi guys, with all these new stuffs Valve gave us with the new update, I thought let's try and...
Cant get on server from internet
Hey guys I hope this is an easy fix, but im planning on a running an old 1.4ghz box as a CSS server...
SRCDS - Linux
linux install quicky
Some people say update the guide, well there is not much to update. This is the basics. Keep...
SRCDS - Linux
Query a server with PHP
I will provide 2 php functions which you can use to query a server and then format the query...
HL1 & HL2 Booster Library
Hello All, Awhile back I released an open source library called "LibSource". This is nothing more...
SRCDS - Linux

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Tutorial: How to setup a TF2 server  
High tickrate and rate SRCDS FAQ  
Query a server with PHP  
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