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TF2 RCON Command Guide.
I just wanted to make this to help me learn it and help others also. lol If anyone has any input to add I would really appreciate it Smile

First you need to make sure you have “[i]Enable Developer Console” enabled.[/i]
-->After TF2 is running click Options
-->Advanced...(in the Keyboard tab toward bottom)
-->Make sure box "Enable Developer Console" is checked
-->Click OK
-->Click OK again
Then you are all set.

Controlling the Server
To control a server you are currently in:
rcon_password PASSWORD

To control server you are not currently playing in:
rcon_address IPADDRESSToungueORT


To find out what maps are available on your server:
rcon maps *

Map types include arena, control point (cp), capture the flag (ctf), payload (pl), king of the hill (koth), and territory control (tc.

List of Maps for TF2:
• arena_badlands
• arena_granary
• arena_lumberyard
• arena_nucleus
• arena_offblast_final
• arena_ravine
• arena_sawmill
• arena_watchtower
• arena_well
• cp_badlands
• cp_dustbowl
• cp_egypt_final
• cp_fastlane
• cp_gorge
• cp_granary
• cp_gravelpit
• cp_junction_final
• cp_steel
• cp_well
• cp_yukon_final
• ctf_2fort
• ctf_doublecross
• ctf_sawmill
• ctf_turbine
• ctf_well
• koth_harvest_event
• koth_harvest_final
• koth_nucleus
• koth_sawmill
• koth_viaduct
• pl_badwater
• pl_goldrush
• pl_hoodoo_final
• plr_pipeline
• tc_hydro
• pl_swiftwater
To change the current map:
rcon changelevel MAPNAME
rcon changelevel ctf_2fort


This will show a message in the chat window
rcon say “Type Message Here”
To enable (1) or disable (0) voice on the server
rcon sv_voiceenable 1
To enable (1) or disable (0) all talk on the server (Both teams can talk with each other)
rcon sv_alltalk 1


To show the users currently on the server
rcon users
To add an IP to the ban list
rcon addip
To add ban an ID from the server
rcon banid
To kick a user from the server
rcon kick
To remove an user ID from the ban list
rcon removeid
To remove an user IP from the IP ban list
rcon removeip
To remove an user IP from the IP ban list
rcon removeip

Game Options

Reboot the server and which also kicks everyone in it
rcon quit
Turning friendly fire on (1) or off (0)
rcon mp_friendlyfire 0
To turn respawn times on (1) or default is off (0)
rcon mp_disable_respawn_times 1
Sets the timelimit of the current map to 40 minutes. (unless maxrounds or winlimit is reached first)
rcon mp_timelimit 40
A team must win 4 rounds to end the map. (unless timelimit or maxrounds is reached first)
rcon mp_winlimit 4
Map ends when 5 rounds have been reached (unless winlimit or timelimit is reached first)
rcon mp_maxrounds 5
Randomize or Scramble the teams
rcon mp_scrambleteams
Restart the Game in seconds
rcon mp_restartgame 15
Turns crits off(0) (defaults to on (1)
rcon tf_weapon_criticals 0
Good clean tutorial. Good job!

You need to fix this line, and remove underscore between rcon and changelevel.
Quote:rcon_changelevel ctf_2fort

And this line as well, it should be rcon sv_voiceenable 1
Quote:rcon sv_voiceenabled 1
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Experienced this kind of issue, thank you for the suggestion here.

Hood Cleaning
Thank you for providing these lists. Appreciated a lot! | Tile Contractor San Antonio
Thanks for providing this tutorial with us! I'll definitely share this knowledge with my students at Cleveland.

Best regards.

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