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Mani Admin Plugin Installation/Configuration Tutorial
This tutorial is old and has been replaced by a new, complete and up to date tutorial over here:

Thank you.

******Mani Admin Plugin for CS:S Dedicated Servers v1.0******

Ok, this tutorial will show you how to set up your own Mani Admin Plugin.

Firstly, this can be reproduced anywhere you want, as long as all credit goes to me, and it stay completely intact meaning no changes to it whatsoever without my full permission. Just email me for permission and I'll gladly allow you to make certain corrections and such.

Now that thats out of the way, we'll start with downloading the plugin.

First, go to:
for the plugin download.
I suggest saving it to your computer for now, instead of opening it as a temporary file.

Now we must bring the files/folders from the zip file window over to your existing server folder.

Open the zip file (assuming you use windows) and there should be these folders under the first folder, cstrike:


Open the folder you have your server files in (e.g. c:\srcds\cstrike\, we'll call this the "server window" from now on) in another window and make sure you are in the folder cstrike.
Drag the addons folder from the zip window to the server window.

Leave both windows open and open the cfg folder in both windows. Drag all the files and the folder from the zip cfg to the server cfg.
Now go back to \cstrike\ in both windows.

Open \materials\decals\ in both windows.
Now drag the custom folder from the zip window over to the server window.

go back to \cstrike\ in both windows.

Go to \sound\ in both folders.
Drag the mani admin folder from the zip to your server window.

So the folders we added should be like this:


Now we must do some things with the files in the plugin.
You can now close the zip folder.

The first thing we must now do is make you an admin.

Goto \cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\ in your window that you should have transferred all the zip files to.
Open up adminlist.txt

What you should now do is find out your steam id number, which is very different from your username.
As you can use your ip address or your steam username, this is highly unreccomended because those things can be forged or reassigned, which could make other people admins.

Go allllll the way to the bottom of this .txt file and you can use your steam id number, or we can use the username/password method, which is still pretty secure, as you can set your
own password.

To use your id, type status in your console during a game of CS:S and right after your name it should say STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxx where the x's are a bunch of different numbers. Type that in at the bottom.

To use the name/password method, do this:
To set the password, go to your server.cfg file under \cstrike\cfg\ and type anywhere on its own line: rcon_password "mypassword" where mypassword is the password you wanna use.

Go back to the adminlist.txt

At the bottom underneath the last line beginning with //, type your name you use in CS:S and the password in this format: ;;"username";mypassword
Make sure you have those semicolons in there.

Now you should be an admin. To check, run your server and go to it in CS:S.

In the console, type:
ma_rcon and unless it says something like "You are not an admin," you are now an admin.
Pat yourself on the back.

Now to use the ingame Mani interface, type in the console: bind q "admin"

This will make it so that by typing the letter q in the game the little menu comes up.
Replace q with any letter you want, just dont let it clash with any other command.
I use q because I don't have anything else bound to it.

After typing it in the console, go back to the game and type the letter you bound to admin.
The menu should come up, if it doesn't then there is a problem and you should try to bind them again.

Now leave the game.
Congratulations, you just set up the Mani Admin Plugin.
There are other things you can do that are optional, but not required to run the plugin.

**Optional stuff**

One thing you might wanna change is gimp phrases. As an admin, you can "gimp" someone in the admin interface.
Gimping makes the person you gimped say only the phrases in your
gimpphrase.txt, no matter what they want to say.
Like if I was gimped and I wanted to say "Hi" it would be returned with a random phrase from gimpphrase.txt.
To change or make your own phrase, simply open gimpphrase.txt under \cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\ and type your own phrases.

Another thing you'll want to change is adverts.
The adverts are what pop up in big letters at the top of the screen.
If you don't change them, then it'll just say things like Mani Admin Plugin and just stupid mani stuff.
To change these, just type over them in adverts.txt under cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\
You can make these say the rules, who's the admin, etc. Notice how you can choose the text color.

Thats pretty much the basics of this admin. I won't get too much into heavy details like file downloading and stuff because that's pretty complicated.

Anyway, good luck with this. If there is any information that is wrong or hard to understand, please contact me and ask me a question and I'll update this tutorial.
THX ALOT ur the best

ps:i think to get steam id u type status in game or sumthin like that ill double check

EDIT:yup in consol u type status and then all steam id's of ppl in game will show up u just look for urs
Ok, thank you, ill add that to the post
by anychance do u know how how to update my server??

it says its out of date so no1 can join
Check the server installation guide. Somewhere in there it tells you how to update your server.
I think i have done every thing right, butt i don't know.
i did like this in the adminlist.txt
(just the end of the txt file)

// in your config.cfg file in your client installation.
// STEAM_0:1:1054992

and in the server.cfg it look like this

exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
rcon_password sensor

So i think i got it right but when i type in
bind q "admin" and then when i press q it only says in the console

Unknown command: admin

what should i do????

plz vissit our webb site
Unknown command: admin
Usually means that mani isnt working for some reason. Check that it is working, if not, then reinstallWink If you need instant support you can add me to msn @ or Xfire @ neon89Wink
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skwattingdog Wrote:I downloaded the Mani-Admin plugin and moved the contents to the appropiate folders, but when I start my Ded. server it doesn't recognize any of the Mani console commands!Sad I'll try hosting a game from inside CS:S now, but I would really like to get my Ded. Server running with Mani. Any help would be great, Troy.

Please greatly reduce the size of your avatar, then I will help you Big Grin
I agree with skeletor, no help before that avatar is fixedToungue
Deep into the darkness. Pearing long I stod there, wondering, fearing, doubting.
[Image: Noe%20som%20dette2.jpg]
why i am not an admin when i put my steam id in the adminlist.txt?
Im sorry please reduce your avatar size so we can help.

Also nice tutorial, even though it was difficult to read (due to page sizing)


I would some where within your tut to add this:

Quote:Add in your server.cfg:

exec mani_server.cfg

as a lot of new users forget to do that, and none of their settings are loaded.
yes, could an admin delete that users avatar, I don't think hes gonna come back, and that ruins this tutorial. Or you could just delete his post, he hasn't even been on since he posted that/signed up.
ive done what it says in the tut. and it says 'mani admin plugin: you are not admin' when i bound "admin" to Q.

ive tried to put my ip on the admin list but it changes every time ma connection starts, so i need help plz.


bluntman87 Wrote:ive done what it says in the tut. and it says 'mani admin plugin: you are not admin' when i bound "admin" to Q.

ive tried to put my ip on the admin list but it changes every time ma connection starts, so i need help plz.


Thats my exact problem!! Please help us!

When i type ma_rcon it says i am an admin but when i hit my binded h in my server it says im not admin.

Please tell me exactly what i need to do to make it know im admin.

Please help!
Hmm ............ i need a bit help my admin plugin work at my dedicated server but when i type bind q "admin" adn go to game again and press q it says your are not an admin so what can i do ?? add me at xfire : mickael501 or msn
plz some1 help me !!!!

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