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To use sv_downloadurl you have to do a couple of things.

Ok lets say you have 3 sounds and 1 map for players to use well first we need to find webspace...

Once you have that you MIRROR what you have on your server to what you have on the web server.

Like this

Ok your 3 sounds are 1.mp3 2.mp3 and 3.mp3 and your map is aim_map2 and you have a .res file to distribute.

(I am assuming you are using Mani with auto download and you know how to make a .res file)

On your server they would be in these folders...

cstrike/maps/aim_map2.res (Helps people share .ain and .nav files)

Ok so lets say your webspace is at

We would make a folder via ftp and name it 'cstrike'

So now your url is....

So now you mirrow your files on to the webserver...


These files need the permissions to allow public users to read them and download them

And in your server.cfg you will now place this CVAR

//Downloadurl CVARS
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

You MUST have the quotes for the sv_downloadurl address!


If you want to bzip2 your files, refer here:

I may one day convert a version to here on, but for now you need to go to M-A-P for help on that.

If you have any questions/comments please post here!

Edited by cryotek: If you need a free host check this forum post out
is there any free Hosts?
Cambiker Wrote:is there any free Hosts?

lol ever try google?? im sure you will be able to find something.. but it won't be very dependable, and won't have very much space, or traffic...
oops, Lol

Check with your ISP

My isp provides 10 megs of space which is good for 2 admins models, 10 sounds, quake sounds, and mani action sounds (motd sound, vote start, vote end, etc)


Some free hosts that allow upload and you can get files just fine throught IE or firefox, they may not download to your game correctly. Meaning, that it shows the download in the loading screen, but nothing actually downloads.


I update the main post with info regarding bzip2, which some time soon I will transfer over here for eaiser reference.
bziping made easy =) i did this awhile ago when i bzipd all of my maps.. all you have to do is download the attached zip file calld and extract it anywhere on your hard drive. then copy the files you want to compress into the folder called compress. just make sure you don't copy any folders into there, just the files themselves. and then double click on bzip.bat and it will bzip all the files in the compress folder. after that just upload them to your webserver.

*note* ignore the blank file in there, i had to add that or it wouldn't add the compressed folder to the zip archive. it should work though, it workd for me back when i used it.

.zip (Size: 30.5 KB / Downloads: 578)
I have everything set to go.. after I bzip my bsp files I just upload them? Do I remove the uncompressed .bsp files that are there currently?

Do I need to include de_map.bzip into the .res file on the game server??
i don't think you have to include it on the res file (but it wouldn't hurt), and when you upload the bzip file to the webserver you do not need the bsp files there, but you do have to have the bsp files on the game server still.
bzip for webserver
regular files for server

do not need both bzip and bsp on the webserver, one or the other
does anything need to be added into the .res file on the game server that calls for the maps in the compressed form or will it grab them by matching up their names??
Never mind I answerd my own question Smile
You could all try for sv_downloadurl hosting

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Stealth I wish the link would work

DarkZealot89 Wrote:Stealth I wish the link would work


you mean works for me =\
Hmm I will try a different comp...

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