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Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is probally one of my favourite tv programmes and very funny ^^ Its on almost everynight on channel BBC THREE around 9 or 10/11

I love this tv programme i have all of the series on DvD

I was wondering if anyone on the forums watches aswell

Here is a link about "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" - Two pints of lager and packet of crips
I've never heard of it.

When I read the title of the thread I expected this to be about some sort of drinking game Wink
Hehe, lol

Nah its a tv programme you should watch it, its really funny Smile

-Maybe try downloading a episode of the internet or sumin ^^

Edit: if i see one il post a link
Lol never heard of it, but that's probably because I'm from Holland.
I only have 2 BBC channels I think
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Didnt come to me that people might not get the channel out of the UK - United Kingdom ^^

I think its on channel 3 sometimes aswell
Hey im two pints biggest fan i got all the series on dvd, but i was wondering if they get tickets and backstage passies to see it at the studios.

Reply to me plz
Its ok. ===sorry sorry sorry=== . But I think there are better examples of comedy out there. Even non-British comedy! I did really like the halloween episode tho', the one where he gets eaten by a Jamie Dodger.
OMG the least dead thread I have posted in.
I've found this great charity auction website, BuyOnceGiveTwice where you can bid for a trip for two people to see the hit TV show being filmed in 2009. After watching the show being filmed you will go backstage to meet the cast and have drinks with them in the green room. You will then go to dinner with Natalie Casey at a near by restaurant. This prize can only be taken on Friday 3 April and bidding ends tomorrow, take a look!
Wow this is old
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brilliant did you watch the 2pints documentary the other night ?

it was hilarious !
Two Pints is shit
badsciencemonk Wrote:Two Pints is shit

I think it's a little rude to call Two Pints shit in your first post on this thread.
But then, you are a brummie cunt.
Sorry that was a bit shit of me.

But not as shit as 2 Pints
I think I seen this show once. I thought it was okay.

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