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need some legal information
hello, gentleman - I have a question regarding disclosure of client info. If I am correct any information collected by srcds and sourcemod falls underneath disclosure laws. that is for example. I extract an ipaddress
from the client. and then pass the information on to someone whom is not preforming administrative services on the server.
my ip has been given out from one of your servers on multiple locations. I am able to change the gateway device,cbl modem which I have done 4 times this month. I have isolated it to the source. I have found port scanners keyloggers proxy servers com servers and hooked dlls everytime any contact is made with this server it happens they are data mining the clients. now pay attention "five different computers", were used to test this coincidence each time someone connects to their server from my network my operating system is turned to swiss cheese within hours. also note I have personally not connected to his server since sept 23rd. but other people used my network to connect. every time on "four tests builds" the computer was attacked and disabled.
now these are some extremely strong accusations. but the fact of the matter is it happens every time.I also have witnesses to the disclosure on the servers admin rooster. hence i need your disclosure policy for srcds and valve software. I have more than enough proof on these harddrives to begin proceedings
Hello Funkytoes,

I've read through all your messages, and to be honest I'm not quite sure what's going on with you or some parties of a clan website and servers?

You are asking for our legal documents as in privacy policies etc. and talking directly to us as if we are a company.
Please let me explain that has nothing to do with VALVe or STEAM, this website is a support website brought up by volunteers. We do not work or are related to VALVe in any way. All we do is help other people that have technical problems with the SRCDS.

If you have problems with VALVe or STEAM please contact VALVe directly as we have no contact with these people.

Also from reading your posts, I'm not sure what you are on about. You talk as if people stole information from you like your name/steamID etc.
All these are public in the first place so they can not be stolen.
Some $5 monthly donation with a clan really has nothing to do with stealing or VALVe and can be instantly stopped by the donating party through paypal.

Same goes for IP-addresses, they are public, everyone is allowed to look at your IP and show it to people on the internet.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the way I see it is you are exaggerating some portscans and maybe a virus you installed yourself (tricked into by someone else) to the point of hacking, (physical) abuse etc. and trying to get justice for something you think has been done wrong to you.

Please take care and please don't throw wild accusations and threats to our members who have nothing to do with all this.
Fight it out with that gorclan, I doubt VALVe even has to do anything with it as a mere platform you play on.


Matts (Drocona)
P.S. I hope you feel priviledged that you made a retired administrator write all this for you.
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I think it is best to contact them, Valve/Steam, directly. They are the ones who can answer your questions, although a little publicity might force them to answer better and faster.

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