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TF2DS Mani Installer v1.0.0.4
TF2 DS Applications (Mani installer) ... v1.0.0.4

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I made this because i got bored lol .... enjoy distribute it as you wish ;0)

You will need the framework installed to run this application.

Package Includes :
Mani One Click Installation
Administration Setup
Listing Guide
Mani Server Software Compatible with TF2 (v1.2)
Updated Gametypes.txt to stop mani from crashing.
Quake sounds plugin
Clients.txt tools
+ Bonus Sprays

* Fixed form resize bug.
* Added one click install for mani server.
* Added default server.cfg so no need to create one. (Will overwrite existing copies though.)
* Changed the way the clients.txt is generated. The file is now generated in application rather than using a third party app as I was having issues with vista.
* Added local IP retrieval function to fill in the IP required in clients.txt
* Removed gametypes.txt tab from install menu as i combined it with the mani install files to save time and make the process less complicated.
* Changed tab layout Admin setup tab detailing the bind key oerations.
* Removed the need to run 'create VDF' as installation is 'tf' specific, but the file is still included in installation tf/addons/.

* Added server.cfg step to mani installation guide (Thanks to Max for testing)

* Fixed clients.txt bug (Copy to clipboard button was not enabled after clients.txt creator had been run)
* Added listing guide
* Added link to Mani Server Plug-in Documentation.

* Initial release

Download link ....
Direct download -
Torrent - --- PLEASE SEED IF YOU DOWNLOAD IT (8mb's nothing)

@New features planned for v1.0.0.5 ....
* Fix application tab order. (Complete)
* automatic key binding in TF2 (Complete)
* automatic SteamID & Steam Name retrieval for clients.txt (Complete)
* combining the above with the mani one click install (Not Complete)
* inclusion of a bonus maps pack.(Not Complete)

@known compatibility issues ...
mani causes TF2: DS to throw an error message on exit but does not affect the way the server runs ... there is nothing i can do about this if anyone has any suggestions please contact me.

I've recently learned that until there is a full update for mani this error message is unavoidable, its a pitty as this is the easiest and most straight forward admin installation process i have developed from now on i will be directing my efforts towards developing a full meta mod and source mod install for windows.

Download my bonus map pack from ...
File planet ...

or ...
Please keep this thread and update when you have released a new version instead of making a new thread.
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