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SRCDS Downloadable Collection
Alright i have been thinking about this for almost a week now and i think it would be pretty cool if i could get this working and everyone would use it.

What i have been thinking of doing is using my ftp server(my personal pc atm) to have all of the games the srcds supports so like CS:S, l4d ,tf2, etc.... and have them with all of the basic plugins installed like mani admin, beetles mod, eventscripts, etc.. and with a server.cfg completely configured set up for the most basic computer and most basic upload speed setup for 33tick just to have etc... So how does this sound.

I think this would be nice for people who know how to use srcds already but dont want to have to setup everything again this way they can just download the zip file or 7zip is what i prefer and uncompress it and they have a pretty much setup 33tick server and all they have to do is choose what they want their server.cfg to be setup as and add the addon files for metamod and source mod etc...

So tell me how this sounds and if everyone likes it ill set everything up so it can be possible.
I think the idea is nice but I don't think it's something people really want and need.

Although it's nice having the mods in the correct places etc. the installation process of plugins is a simple extract to command and they work.
There is a lot of info on server.cfg's too, the one from my guide is pre configured for pretty much all tickrates.

Again, I think it's a good idea, and I encourage you to just try it out and see how it works, you might just get a whole lot of people using it, you never know!

EDIT: I just thought a bit more bout this. It would be very nice for people to log on the FTP server and see the actual places where the files should be in the srcds folder, this seems to be the main problem when plugins don't work.
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If you still plan on doing this I can give you an FTP and help you out with it :-D
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ComputerHelper Wrote:If you still plan on doing this I can give you an FTP and help you out with it :-D

Sounds great. I have your email or we can pm w/e. I already have a lot of stuff downloaded it's just that i dont know all of the plugins for the games and the server.cfg's for each one.
would save alot of hassle for teh noobs

why not program a java front end to select the plugins u want before compiling/selecting the download ?

like the one survey they have on that one site for selecting which version of linux best suites you

ill dig the link out a little later ;0)

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