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Cheap dedicated server
Im looking for a cheap dedicated server (linux & in the UK)
for web & game hosting.
must be able to support
x4 game servers 100 tick.
Must be UK!
if any one has any leads let me know!
If you want to run 4 gameservers at 100 tick 18 players you'll be looking at at least 150 a month, I think that's even cheap!

For every 10 players 100 tick you need 2Mbit.
Not to mention you need a nice dual core processor too (Celeron and Sempron CPU's are NOT nice).
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Hmm i think you might be right, i may even consider building a server and housing it in a data center! Does any one recomend this? or have any idea how i would go about it?
+ how much on average to data centers charge?
I don't know about colocation, never dealt with it.

We host from Racksrv, amazing servers for a decent price.

They won't be accepting purchases till the third of next month btw.
Clan of Doom:

mhh, i see what you are saying, alot of money indeed. mhhh.
ill have to look in to it, any one know any goot data centers in the UK?
Any one got any more cheap hosts?
or any one own a server company?.,.
Does any one know where i can rent one? or any one got one to rent?

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