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Bandwidth and colocation - what!
Hey guys,
So I have a question about colocation and the costs involved. I am currently running a TF2 server rented from a GSP, but have a bunch of servers sitting around (around 2 x 2.5ghz, 4gigs of RAM) and want to start as many servers as I can in colocation (as I don't have the bandwidth). I start getting quotes for colocation spaces the average price seems to be around $50 per U of rack space and $30 per Mbps of bandwidth. From what I've gathered here I would need 3-5 Mbps of bandwidth for each srcds instance and my servers are 2U.

Does this seem right, that is around $150 in bandwidth per server instance per month which does not seem affordable, especially when I am paying $30 bucks a month for my 32 slot TF2 server (which is supposed to be on a 100Mbps line). Am I not understanding something about bandwidth pricing and with bandwidth and rack prices so high how can GSP's survive and game servers run in general?


Thats about right, you would be looking around 150-200 a month per server. 32 slot server for 30$ They must be loading them up pretty high.
Hosting servers is not the best money maker out there because of the high costs and really high fail rates. Most server companys get a pretty good price as they host 4-30 servers in a location so they cut down the price pretty good. On another note, what are the servers? Smile Anything for sale? hehe
$50 for 1 U and and $30 a MBIT with no commit with top of the line bandwidth is very good. Normal GSP will use around 3/4 MBIT per box.
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3/4 Mbps per server instance? For TF2? I was under the impression that you need around 3-5.
Well one of my dedicated box uses around 5-8 most months. Then again I have a 24 man pub thats full just about 24.7
So weasel - for that 5-8 Mbps of bandwidth are you coughing up a couple hundred bucks per month?
Most months it's around 300$ Sometimes more.

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