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1U Single Server Colo + 2Amps + 1mbit (is this enough?)
ok I am building a server rack for my community and stuff, I was looking for a colocation and found a good one I think.

I would like to know what this means, since they don't charge by GB

1U Single Server Colo + 2Amps + 1mbit
1U rackmount server colocation. Included 2 amps power and one 10mbit burstable line in. This is a promotional deal that includes 1mbit of bandwidth commit billed on 95th percentile. /29 initial ip allocation, additional with justification.

so what does the 1mbit stand for? I talked to them and they said I could pull of approximately 325GB up and 325GB down. but I still don't get how it works? is it going to be enough for CS:S Server Hosting and other games?

Thanks.. I don't know if I am allowed to post the site here, if so please let me know and i'll do post it.

THanks again!
10mbit line....hhhm.

Depending on the box, that probably won't cut it.
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You can host about 14 players CSS on 1 mbit.
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the connection is not 1mbit, the connection is 10mbit.
please check this out.
The connection is 10mbit burstable. But on 95th percentile billing you are allowed to use 1mbit.

That means on average for a whole month your usage must be 1mbit or less, or you will be liable to overage charges.

1mbit is not a lot, but I dont know how busy your servers are and how many slots you plan to run. If you have small or infrequently used servers it should be fine. My advice would be to rent a dedicated server for a couple months, and monitor your usage, then you know how much bandwidth you need to look for in colo packages based on 95th percentile billing.
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alright awesome I kinda understand now, well here is an another quesiton I wanted to ask, I am building this server here.

Two Intel Xeon 2.8
4x512 ECC RAM
Hard drive shouldn't matter
Edit>: how many servers should this be enough for?
I guess that colocation service is based for webhosting I think thats why, i'll try to contact them and see what they say about higher values.


EDIT: put in the question LOL, totally forgot about typing the question! xD

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