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Mani Mod | Admin/Rcon/Adverts Not working
Morning.. me again

I have the server up and running. works great. the mani mod is stable, no crashes (think it was the language files as stated previously). Now have a few minor questions I'm hoping you brainly admin dudes can answer



In here I have my steam ID an ip hoping that I will have full admin when i log on. I don't. I have checked both IP and Steam ID and believe them to be correct. What am I doing wrong here to not have admin. Im guessing that when i log on im supposed to be admin from get go, as this is linked to my ip/steam ID. No menu side left to grant me all power... is there a cmd im suposed to type in from console?

STEAM_0:x:xxxxxxx; //My name so i know who's is who.


Works perfectly. start the game up, have no admin (believe i should have the little window left side of screen as im admin, but nothing), enable ` key, goto console, rcon_password xxxxxxxxx works fine. Get FULL Power and smite the hammer of rightousness Smile.. but heres what i can't figure out.

I accidently, *nub admin in training*, pressed '0' to close the rcon cmd window and couldn't get it back up. I have tried every key on the keyboard, nothing. tried all cmds i could think of from console but nothing. not even retyping p/w would bring it up. I had to log off, wait a few, log back on.. Now i know im stupid, and im missing the most basic point here to get it back, and i will tolerate some pointing and laffing Smile

Last but not least


I have adverts enabled in the mani.cfg

mani_adverts 1

I have an adverts .txt file.

In there I have 5 lines of text. all just typed, enter at each line end, why are they not popping up on screen.

Well guys. uve all helped me tons so far. thank you. hoping you can help me out on this nice lenghty endevour. Im off to fuk up on bandwidth usage now Smile
isn't there some flag you have to set in mani admin plugin for the admins? or is that SAP im thinking of?

edit: aha ok, flags set will RESTRICT unless you have mani_reverse_admin_flags set to 1

I would check that out, also, you are adding both your ip AND your steamid try adding just one or the other. Reguardless if you're allowed to do that.
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Morning Cryotek..

yea i didn't put any flags in as I want full acess.

I have tried it with just either as well but nothing..

anyone else?
try setting mani_reverse_admin_flags to 0 in autoexec.cfg of your server, and restart your server.
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
already set to that..

also, any idea how i get the dang rcon (i mean the window that grants u actions, kick/ban/punish/map) back up.. if u press '0' to close i dont know how to get it back????
Honestly, im not sure, i don't play, i just run servers.
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
ah.. dang... but if ur a server genius arn't you the 'all knowing' man i should be speaking too Smile

what version of mani are you using? 1.1.0x?
what operating system? and how are you editing those files? (i.e. note pad, vi, etc.)
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hiya.. im running mani mod V1.1.0f

on win 2003 server. files are edited with wordpad.


Try going to the console and typing "admin"???

Kind regards
Make sure the mani plug in file is in the right directory. Also, you may need to add this to your server.cfg file for the plugin to start.
exec mani_server.cfg
That tells the server to actually load the plug in config script. As for the console key thing, I am not sure. Mani has a menu system, and in your own game on your PC you want to bind a key to bring up the menu. Create an autoexec.cfg file in your \counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg folder and add something like "bind "(key of your choice)" admin. Press it in game and you'll get your admin menu.
make sure you enable the rcon under options/keyboard/advanced

steam should look like this in your adminlist.txt
steam_0:0:1223456; lwxyftjwxz teamadmin//Ryan
and make sure you add it to your immunitylist
khjb007 Wrote:lol why do you have an internal IP address in there?

I guess he's running his serer inside his own network..
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