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Slow map downloads on dedicated LAN server
I have sv_maxrate set to 0 in my CS: Source server config, which should allow for unlimited bandwidth for sending files (maps) out to the client PC's on my LAN quickly. However, my downloads are still unreasonably slow given my GB LAN setup.

There should be absolutely no reason for me to setup a maps webserver for a LAN even though that's what most people suggest. Recently, after experiencing the exact same problem with my Unreal Tournament 3 dedicater LAN server, I finally discovered you could just add "-lanplay" to the command line and custom files download blazing fast.

There must be something similar to sv_lan that would accomplish this for my CS: Source server. It's like the server assumes that it's internet based and limits the bandwidth no matter what I do.

Any ideas?
You have to set up a download server.
For a LAN, you should be able to run it on the same box.

I forgot if you can use a FTP server or not. If you can, it's really easy Smile
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Read the second post and look at the part about map downloads.
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