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Map Downloads and Bots
OK, I've had my server up for about a week now and all is well. I've had some people in it but, I've changed it to a custom map and seems people cant download it.

I've even taken out the cutom maps on my gaming PC and when I connect to my server it does not download the maps automatically. My friends cannot connect either with a custom map loaded. can I fix this?

Secondly, I've played on a server where there are bots but they do not say BOT in the Ping section. The bots actually show up as having a regular ping. Anyone know how this is accomplished?
The Bot Ping is from a script used in eventscripts. Here's where you can get that bot ping script.

You will need eventscripts for the bot script to work. This is the website where you can get eventscripts.

To install eventscripts you will need to extract it into your server. C:/"name of server"/cstrike/
Add these into the autoexec.cfg:

eventscripts_subdirectory events
mattie_eventscripts 1

That's all you basically do for installing eventscripts.

As for the bot ping script you will need to extract it into. C:/"name of server"/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/
Then you add es_load "what ever name of the script is" into autoexec.cfg.

For the downloading maps from your server, I'd go with downloading and installing wamp server. Wamp server is basically a three programs put together "mysql, php, apache so that you can host either a website, forums, or sv_downloadurl. It's like a web server. Here's the website for wamp server.

You can use SourceRSC to compress the maps into the wamp server...located in C:/wamp/www/"name of folder you make"/"
There are special instructions for SourceRSC in the config that you will need to edit. I'm not 100% what settings to put so I'd just go google it. Once you have set up the just need to click the shortcut icon to start compressing the custom maps, models, sounds...etc. Here's the topic in this forums about SourceRSC.

You can use a different compressing program other than the one I suggested. There are many others.

Once you have done all just need to add sv_downloadurl " of folder" in server.cfg so it will work. The ip needs to be where ever you have wamp server installed on. If your behind a router, you will need to put the internal ip on there instead. Also I would suggest opening port 80 through firewall of your computer (if your hosting on your own computer) or game server so you can access the web server from another computer.

*name of folder is the folder in wamp/www/

Players should be able to join your server and download whatever you have on the server such as custom maps, sounds, models, skins, mods...etc.

Each time that you add new things to the server such as custom maps...etc. You will need to start the SourceRSC program so it will compress and put it into the wamp server location so people can download stuff from your server.
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wow lotsa info. thank you. Got the bot ping working. reading into the next item.

make sure in your server.cfg you have sv_allowdownload 1
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yea sv_allowdownload is 1 but still no good.

So I got Bot Ping working, and in the game the bots show as having a ping, but in the Find Server List they still show up as -1 for Time.

I have seen on a couple of servers that even in the Find server list they have pings. Is this a seperate plugin? How can I make them have pings in the server list?
OK, here's the latest.

I managed to get Fastdownloads working with my ISP hosting the files. Works like a charm! Super fast map downloads now.

Still looking to get the bots showing up as real players in the SERVER list....anyone?
They won't, valve disabled it.
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For the servers that have bot pings as not -1 when you right click and see the info. is that they run a meta mod source plugin that used to work but doesn't anymore and you can't get it anyways. It's hard to get it but it doesn't work anyways. It's fake clients....the creator I believed and many say that he, LDuke, probably gave a couple of people who donated access to a plugin that does something to the server...not sure....and it allows the bots to look as players but when you join...there are no bots or real players. LDuke is the creator but many say that he won't release this plugin of his because he is afraid value will find a way to disable it. There's like about five servers with that if you go look up LDuke's plugin of FakeClients that has a version something like 2. Don't bother with the bot ping thing cuz you won't find one that actually works. Since the value disabled it...its been like that. I've already tried finding plugins that would allow the bot ping to be different in server info. but no luck at all. Don't bother trying to google it. If you want your server with people, go out and make some friends...or get some buddies of yours to join your server to help populate. LDuke is assocaited with the VIP Mod and other good plugins that came from this website punk...something...but the creator closed and deleted all his stuff becuase he is whatever mods that he hosted are not gone except those people who uploaded it somewhere else or have it on their servers.
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whoa....I think I understood all that. lol

The server I play on every day has 10 bots when there is no one in the server. In the server list, they show up as having pings, not -1.

SO what you are saying is there is no way to get that plugin anymore? lol. is that the jist of that message?
Yes. Valve disallowed it.
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Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
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