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Logitech ClearChat Wireless - Wireless Headset w/mic
Yes, that's right: The first-ever wireless headset with microphone built in! Not just a wireless headset. Wireless headset AND mic.

It's coming out in May..... um.... well... it's supposed to be out by now.

I'm pumped.

Logitech ClearChat Wireless
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looks good
$100 US thats a pritty good price for that
~ trewq
Yeah they are good but I don't really see the use of that, a good headset from like JBL or Sennheiser comes with a 3 meter cord, I mean how far do you want to go away from your computer? :O

Also funny on LAN parties, you hear all kinds of stuff from other players on wireless too (but that's just a configuration part)
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Drocona Wrote:I mean how far do you want to go away from your computer? :O

Well you could go and get a drink and you can still be on Teamspeak
~ trewq
This is a waste of money, like Drocona said, and good head set will have a mad long cord
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