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* An in-game radio player for you can listen to music while playing, with more than 100 radio stations!
* Stats and ranking for you can see how well you are doing in the server.
* Engineers can build two sentries, and two dispensers, per engineer!
* Dispensers, and teleporters build almost instantly with no wait time to encourage teamplay.
* Teleporters teleport players instantly with no recharge.
* Medics can drop medpacks to heal himself or other teammates by pressing alt-fire, this costs ubercharge to do.
* Engineers can drop metal/ammo for other teammates to use by pressing alt-fire, this costs metal to do.
* Medic's overhealing (buffing) is more powerful on this server, you can buff teammates up to 220% health (normally 150% health) to encourage teamplay.
* You can play sounds that anyone can hear by typing certain triggers in the chat.
* Capture Points de-cap much quicker than normal, to give the defense team a small advantage.
* When you destroy an enemy engineer's buildings on this server, they drop more metal/ammo than normal.
* You can find out who sprayed a spray on this server by pointing at it.
* All classes have health regen on this server, not just medics. It regens at 1HP per 5sec, and even faster for medics.
* Spies get more cloak (invis time) added when they kill an enemy on this server.
* Medics start out with 35% ubercharge automatically on this server.
* Players can vote for meep meep speed on this server by typing "vote_meepmeep" without quotes in the chat.
* Players can votemap, rtv, votekick, and voteban.
* There are quakesounds on this server "rampage, godlike, unstoppable, multi-kill, monster-kill, etc".
* And much, much more... Please visit our forums and look for the thread "server updates" and "features of our server" for more information about what is on our server.
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This server looks nice, I'll check it out soon.
It sounds like nothings left of TF2 lol Big Grin
Might be interesting but I'm in Europe so no good for me ^_^
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