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Please ppl can you help me?
You know, I've been trying to install and make metamod work,and I have done it just like in >> many many many times but when I try to write to the gameinfo.txt the new line "GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons/metamod/bin" it seems to save it when I click save, but when I tried to type the "meta version" to the Source's console, it says that its unknown, and when I quit game and check out the gameinfo.txt, its returned back to the normal form. So there is not that "GameBin" stuff that I added there. Wow. Such a mess. I know that I am noob, but could someone please please please help me. I don't know why it doesn't save or is it an another kind of problem. Sad sorry for my english, I am from Finland

c'mon people, respond
You can use the .vdf way too, what you can also do is set that gameinfo.txt file to read only.
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