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All our servers are named wombat. lol

FPSB Group

FPSB TF2 Wombat Servers Group

Many of you may know about FPSBanana and all the maps and skins and whatnot we host, but many people don't know about the community and the servers. All members of the site can have protected access to the servers, meaning that if someone uses a reserved slot, they are immune from being kicked. They also have access to votekick and votemap, normal pub users do not. People who support the site buy being Ripe (15 dollars a year) will give you access to the reserved slots of the servers. You just have to send me your info on the site (too lazy to make an automated system Sad )

Servers ... ... Killer Wombat TF2 (most valve maps, stats) ... ... Fairy Wombat TF2 (2fort, dustbowl, gravelpit on weekdays, custom maps weekends, stats) ... ... Custom Wombat TF2 (gravelpit dustbowl 2fort, fast spawn, 26 slots, stats) ... ... Rabid Wombat TF2 (dustbowl, 2fort, gravelpit, stats)

The middle two are pretty new, so they don't see nearly as much traffic as the Killer and the Rabid.
The servers all use a shared database, so stats people get will show up on all the servers, using this nifty sourcemod plugin and web interface at (
Never even knew FPSBanana had servers Big Grin
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We used to just have a css server for a while, but interest in that gradually declined to nothing. So we canceled that server, then the owner of the site bought a box in Dallas that we run 4 TF2 servers off of, plus an insurgency, and a teamspeak.

He is actually considering doing a server hosting thing as part of FPSB.

However, since the owner is the only one who can make changes to the site, info for the servers are only found in the forums, and not allover the site.. like I'd want it to be. Sad
working on using UKGS servers with FPS as i have spoken to goerge, and waiting for the owner,

servers are american, i think there is more hype here in teh UK than the US were the website is based.
Hay, look what was added to the banana.

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