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Daftgaming (|DG|) started September of 2007 with just a steam community. After a clan named Ti fell apart Dg started to be a full counter-strike:source clan. At first we were a 3 man clan then began to grow to about 15 ppl. Then a few weeks ago a some ppl left and started another clan. We have started are first season and its going good. We are currently recruit ppl that have some exp. in cal and cs. We are currently working on getting a server and hope to get one in the coming weeks.


Also check out are website at
I've removed the gameserver company advertisement to comply with the rules.
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we are actually looking to sponser clans, if its deemed necassery for me to advertise in order to display were you can get sponsorship for your server.

you can add me on msn if you are interested.

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