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Hi all,

UkGS is a GSP ( Gaming server Provider ) extremely competative in any game, and will not be beaten, on price, or support.

If you are already with a provider, if you come across to UKGS we give you 50 percent discount for the 1st month for all your troubles of transfering.

As we are currently a new provider that has indirectly worked with other UK based GSP's we decided to do a GSP and beat the rest on price and support.

we offer clan packages, from 2 servers to serveral servers, every server has a free teamspeak and a fast downloads section, we do offer webspace as well, as subdomains,

we currently have test servers up, only on DOD and TF2 along with DODS shortly this week, we already have 4 servers ranked in the top 10 of uk just in DOD alone, we provide advice on how to get your servers populated, and even install addons and mods for noobies,

there are no restrictions bandwidth wise or any traffic constraints, and we certainly dont overload our units. we have a website, were it is under alot of maintenance as we are adding alot of packages to it,

There is a defualt product price system, that auto beats alot if not all, against all the UK based GSP's, the prices with me are special deals that require direct contact should you want them or to get to know them you can add me via contact details at the bottom

The current special deals that i am doing is

--------------------------- ===== ------------------------------

20 slot server and 20 slot teamspeak for 10 pounds for the 1st month, after that 15 uk pounds

32 slot server and 30 slot teamspeak for only 15 uk pounds for the 1st month, after that 25 uk pounds.

excludes ea games, and 100 tick servers. 100 tick ( add an extra 7 uk pounds to the end of price )

--------------------------- ===== ------------------------------

we also do packages for new clans or existing like :

buy a 32 slot server and in return get a 13 slot war server for free

if you want clan packages prices or what is on for offer with clan packages as the above are special deals that EXPIRE ON 1ST OF MARCH 08 then please add me via contact at the bottom.

steam friends : avizeke

i will also reply to this post also if there is any questions

kindest regards

UKGS owner
Advert posted with permission.
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whats the spec of the systems you use for indevidual servers
Spec of the systems we run for indevidual servers are

Duel Quad Xeons
9 gig DDR
no traffic constraints
Linux. fc5

you will find that most the companies the Uk dont bare any type of equipement like thsi for endividual servers MORE OVER we restrict the amount of servrs per unit, thus bareing better quality servers instead of quantity per Unit.
Nice. thanks for the info
Whats your control panel?
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
As there is a high level of support and tutorials for we are working on, including 24 hour responcive ticketing, game panels would add additional cost to the overall package,

as currently we are looking at panels anyway, we at this current point, do not have game panels. The current clients with us, have full FTP access adn additional indipendant access that fullfill the equal needs of a game panel without the additional price tag.

i hope this answers your question. we are looking to use game panels in about 2 months max.
Oh all right sweet.
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.

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