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[Contact]: How to contact us through chat.
Hello forum visitors,

I've got a bit of an announcement to make due to current actions of people trying to contact us in private, on either MSN, steam friendslist or any other program.

Of course we like to help and we won't bother if you like to chat with us directly and realtime instead of waiting on these forums for a reply, however lately we ran into some problems regarding masses of people adding us at MSN or the steam friendslist. There have been so many applications we just can't keep it up like this.
My MSN contact list is over 400 contacts big, it's starting to get one big mess, I abandoned that particular e-mail address ( and created a new one (Matts[at]Black-Sky[dot]nl) to clean up everything pretty easily, however now people are adding me on the friendslist, it's already up to 50 friends now, it's also getting one big mess.

Now what's the point I'm trying to make here?
From now on I will not accept ANY invites for either MSN, ICQ, MSN, XFire, Steam or any other personal contact program coming from people that need support for the SRCDS. Everyone that adds me and I fiend out it's about the server will be blocked and deleted from my list. It's simply one big chaos for me and it's getting really inefficient.

How do you contact me or others then?
I've made the Source Dedicated Server Community Group on the steam community network half September, please use it! You can get live support in the community chatroom if one of the admins or other acknowledgeable people is online.

There is no-one in the chatroom?
If there are no people in the chatroom DO NOT ADD MEMBERS TO YOUR FRIENDSLIST!
Instead, join the group (It's public and you can have as many groups as you like) then go to your friendslist, scroll down till you see "+ Source Dedicated Server". Simply click the + and all the members can be PM'ed from there as all your other friends. This way we do not get masses of people in our own private friendslist which has nothing to do with these forums.

If we think you can be in our MSN list or whatever we'll send you the invite. Also I don't mind if you mail me or PM me on these forums, no problem but it's better to post a thread since there are 200 people around that can also help out.

I hope to have informed you enough,


If you want to, please reply to this thread here:
Join the Source Dedicated Server Support Group on Steam Community!
Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS)
Free to join, Live support! (When available)

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