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I have a little prob with server!
So, my server is running great right after i have restarted. but after several hours i cant connect to my server anymore and all other players cant eighter. i have checked that my server is running and it does but master server list shows "not responding". so what could make this kind of prob happend? plz help
What is the server system cpu usage at when you can't connect to it?
haven't check that out but if you are playing in server. sudently ping is going in 250-400. i noticed that while i was playing and after those pings get that high i looked my server list from my client machine and there i saw my server is again in not responding condition.
but i think that cpu usage is very high. nut dunno sure.
yea, I bet something is sucking the system usage out of your server. are you playing stock maps? your going to have to find out whats causing it. first run stock maps, then disable any plugins and see if it happens. If the system usage stays stable even with the ping jumps then it would be something with the connection.
i have to check it out after i get back home. btw, can i use my dyndns address to my server. and if i can how i do it.
you can direct the dyndns address to the ip of the server. so you could use that to connect to the server, but if you are to type status in the consol, it will always show the ip, not the dyndns address.
but where is should put that dns address? server.cfg?
you can, but it doesn't really matter. as long as the dns address points to the correct ip, you will be able to use that to add to favorites, and connect directly to the server. As far as replacing the ip totally with the dns address, you can not. The steam server search runs only on ip addresses.

sorry if I was a little un-clear on that in the first post. Basically you can use the dns address, but you can't replace the ip with it.
aah, i see. what a shame. i was 20 mins. ago in to my moms and right after i came home i noticed my server was messed up again. =(
Now im going to start it again and see what is going to happend in next couple of hours.
can that be problem if my server lose connection to master servers? so, then that would be obvious solusion for my prob. is that possible?
That could make it not sure on the master list, but it wouldn't make people's ping jump.
i see, i can see that server on list all the time but its not respond. so we can take that one option off that list what can make that server go on that kind of status.
it did it again. =( now i noticed it changed my server name HakFin to rike and put password on it too. normal my server is 16 player server now its 100. hahaha
i really want to find out watta hell is going on with that server. =)
Do you have any ideas to fix that. i also unplugged almost all pkugins off exept mani and eventscripts counter-bet.

i just wrote this message and after i finnished this message i check that server again and some how it came back online. That is so weird thing.
Alright, I am kind of confused. Your name is now changed? and now there is also a password, as well as the server player number is different? If all that is going screwy then I would have to say right now I am at a loss. the only thing that can change the number of players in a server is on the cmd line.

*edit- other then everything going screwy, it almost sounds like your connection is just dieing down and causing the high lat.
This could sound really stupid, no offense here, but are you actually looking at your own IP address instead of someone elses?

Seriously, servers (computers) don't have minds and therefor can not change their names to something else and think "oh my lets set a password today!"

You are either looking at the wrong server, being hacked real bad or someone else with access is just fooling around with u.
If it is indeed a hack attempt, it could explain sudden high pings and not responding (my network security guy has ran DoS attacks on a sandbox server of mine which had exactly the same outcome, high pings and 0 connectivity)
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