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Source Engine Updates Release
Quote:Updates to the Source Engine/Dedicated Server have been released.
Previously these were under the "community" beta. Please run
hldsupdatetool to receive them. The specific changes include:

- Fixed custom level sound lists under sv_pure.
- Remove friends details from player list.
- Fixed occasional scrunched-up columns in the serverbrowser.
- Fixed a Linux-only crash when loading certain custom maps.
- Memory leak fixes.
- Fixed an hl2mp bug where a spectator could freeze a live player when
mp_forcerespawn was 0.
- Fixed master server queries being truncated if too many players with
long names.
- Fixed hl2mp bug where if you +used a weapon it would not respawn
- Fixed a CS:S smoke grenade exploit
- Added a way for server plugins to ask players if they'd like to
connect to a different server
- Made materials handle sv_pure correctly when they've included other
- Fixed Windows dedicated server bug slowing down Steam updates
- Fixed IVEngineServer::FadeClientVolume
- Fixed certain models showing up all white when sv_pure flushed them
- Made the server print a client's steam ID and show sv_pure warnings if
sv_pure_kick_clients is 0
- Fixed a bug preventing sv_pure CRCs from verifying correctly on
certain custom maps

me like:

- Fixed occasional scrunched-up columns in the serverbrowser.
That was just total suckage, I had it all the time...

- Memory leak fixes.
Always good Toungue

- Added a way for server plugins to ask players if they'd like to
connect to a different server
That's what I like to see!
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All-in-all a pretty good update.
Now all we need is a TF2 server update Smile
can anyone upload the whole srcds file since mine doesnt get updated :@

it gets stuck @

Checking bootstrapper version ...
Getting version 20 of Steam HLDS Update Tool
Linux version will be up in a few hours.
<3 ya :p
thanks a lot dude Smile
[dave@games3 ~]$ wget
[1] 14183
[dave@games3 ~]$ --16:38:23--
           => `index.php?dir=srcds%2Fv1.0.0.34%2F'
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: unspecified [text/html]

    [ <=>                                 ] 2,606         --.--K/s

16:38:27 (253.07 KB/s) - `index.php?dir=srcds%2Fv1.0.0.34%2F' saved [2606]

it isnt downloading :S
Try now - i had just uploaded a fresh one from a diff install. Should work fine now.

And, dont use Wink

downloading tnx Smile
Steam did some good for once! Cept i dont like the friends now.
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