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I have gone through and customized my mani_server.cfg, added the exec to my server.cfg, and all of the other basics. I expected it to start up and run, but to my disappointment the plugin looks like it isn't even loading when I start my server up. My 'admin' bind does not work, I do not get an echo from the mani_server.cfg. Nothing.

I noticed that I didn't even have the adminlist.txt file in my cfg folder when I went to add admin permissions. Does this mean that the install was possibly corrupted and left out some necessary files? I went ahead and created one to add admin permissions to, but I still don't want to risk the chance that my install didn't get everything.

One more thing. Does the Mani plugin conflict with any other plugins? I have SourceMod installed, but it is currently disabled (to my knowledge).

Thanks in advance.
It shouldn't interfere with other plugins, especially not sourcemod. Speaking of, there will be a sourcemod module of mani in the near feature I think, some new coder is working on it.

May I ask if you are using the metamod verion or the standard?
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