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Athlon 6000+ 4GB RAM
I have an Athlon up for rent which is colocated in a london Data Center.

ok what you get.

Athlon 6000+ AM2 (3.0ghz x2)
Windows xp64 Pro
4GB RAM (800mhz)
200GB+ H/D
100Mbit Line (10mbit Fair usage policy) <<(means an average use of 10mbits/s)

Bargain price of £130 per month.

Server has been used to run CSS and is Extremely Stable.

all enquirys to please
or enquire on our forums at

Payment is VIA Paypal, and Identity will have to be proofed before purchase.

Also available is Webhosting for gameservers, on our 100mbit line.
What you get for £10 a month.

We offer unlimited bandwidth at a very reasonable price. Which is perfect if you need http downloading off your counter strike server, meaning you dont have to worry about big maps or lots of custom stuff eating your bandwith.

Main Features:

Unlimited Bandwidth (100mbit pipe no limit on the bandwith except what the pipe can handle)
5gb of web space (upgradable)
Plesk control
Full ftp to private and public folders
A sql database
Email control, 10 mail boxes

(this is only open to Gameserver operators not filesharing sites)

That's actually a pretty nice offer.

I'm not in need of a server that big tho ^_^
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