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Hi there. I am Haydn. I am trying to get a hosting company off the ground and need to know some factoids about server name branding.
The server name can be set by the Vars in the server cfgs. What I need to know is how to overide these settings so that they may keep their desired server name (specified when they order the server) but also have the brand name on the end of it. Now one theory I have is that it is specified in the batch file via a "+map" style switch but I am concerned that this could be easily overided by the server.cfg. I need a solution to this and I hope there are some people out there with some experience in this area.
Thanks in advance for any help. Smile
What I think most server companies use is a php script.
You dont' get FTP access to the server.cfg etc instead you can configure everything via the internet script (like rates, servername etc.) now one thing that always works is the name since you can build the script to always add || in front of what they typed for example.

I'm sure there are other ways and maybe easier too.
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Thanks again for the advice.
Just my .02, but I would think they should be able to change the name to whatever they want. I understand why you would want your business name in the server name, but if I rented a server and it had to be named something like that I would get pretty angry. If you are going to do something like that I would make sure your customers are fully aware of that before they purchase. Then again I have never had to rent out a server (I just rented the whole box Big Grin), so I'm not fully aware of how other companys handle this kind of thing. Like I said, just my thoughts.

and I need to catch up to drocona agan!!
Its a pretty standard thing and yes the customers are well aware of it. It is a choice they are gived before they purchase the server. Usually it is only £3-£5 to have it unbranded and the brand itself is at the end of their server name in this case. Some companies prefere to have it at the fromt so that their servers show up in a big long colomn accross the server listings but that in my opinion is too much. All It would be is:
<clients server name here> - Powered By FTW-Hosting
or something to that extent.
This is something I will play by ear tho and if it looks as tho it is going to scare away customers (from what I hope are good value servers) then I will probably remove it. At the end of the day tho its not my decision as this isnt a solo project.
Well if your servers are good quality people will actually purchase them as people that have one will spread the word.
Also there are more people than you think that actually browse the server lists for server companies mentioned in names, I have done it multiple time just to check out how others were doing it.

When you grow bigger, not having your businessname in the hostname can actually make you miss out on literally thousands of revenue a year and in the long end even per month.

Also people really wont bother paying that 5 quid to get the name out if they really want their own server. (imo gameservers are as cheap as can get already, what they get in return is worth a lot if done correctly)
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most times when i've purchased a server that includes branding there is a simple stipulation or agreement with the provider to be true to your word and leave it in place in the server config in return for the small discount you often get. as you know the name is specified in server.cfg and it would completely unacceptable to not allow the customer access to their file as its rather important!

quite often i've seen it stated in terms and conditions that accounts/servers would be locked or shutdown if the branding name was seen to be removed when it shouldn't be. this tends to keep people right and if you make it clear on any page where people order a server that this is the case you shouldn't have any problems really.

quite often people aren't too bothered about leaving the company branding on it if you offer a few dollars or pounds or euros off depending on the currency you work in.

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