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Server doesnt appear on server list
We have srcds running ok with cstrike, hl2dm etc... but have been unable to get the server to appear on the Steam server list.

The server is running on WINXP home behind a Sonicwall TZ170. Players are able to connect to the server using the external IP.

We have tried the following to no avail:

1. set interal IP in server.cfg
2. set external IP in server.cfg
3. use IP on srcds command line
4. added heartbeat line to server.cfg
5. opening all ports to machine server is running on

None of the above has worked.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
If ur server is running with no problems but it doesnt show on the list .. then u should put the region .

In ur server.cfg .. like ..

sv_region 6 <-- for middle east .. i forgot the other region numbers .. 3 for europe i think
I have that in there, but it still doesn't show...Have any other ideas?
for 1, what is your internet speed (go here if you don't know --> ) and 2, is sv_lan 0?
I checked my internet speed and it's good enough to run four maybe five servers and sv_lan is 0.
Check your firewall. when i had this problem, i fixed it by manually adding srcds to the exceptions list.
Well the firewall is fine, but I looked on gametracker and it said my server was dod:s but it's css and it has the map correct and players and stuff, would that mean it isn't on the servers list.
Then check the line that you are using to start the server. If gametracker tells you you are running dods, then probably you are and you have to change it.
I'm running game cstrike.

Here's my startup command:

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 16 -tickrate 100 -autoupdate
Does your firewall have a "DMZ host" option? If so make your SRCDS server the "DMZ host". This is most likely a firewall problem. See if there is an updated firmware for your firewall. Also see if there are hacked firmwares you can work with. If all else fails try connecting directly to the internet bypassing your firewall. If this works and you cant find a setting to fix it, go buy a new one for 40$ ...
My firewall is a seperate device, it isn't running in my PC.
Hardware firewalls should be fully managable. I would check it out and if it's blocking stuff.
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I think it does now....becasue ealier gametracker thought the server was dod:s, but it was css and now it does think it's css.
I mean i think it appears on the list.
Now I dont anymore Sad.

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