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I was wondering if there was an effective way of calculating a dual or quad core's proccessing power against our old friends the P4s AMDs and the like.  Are we going to start classifying proccessors by their flop ratings or what!!!?  clearly clock speed is becoming less and less important and it seems that parallel computing is taking its place.  maybe in the future we will have vast tanks of 5bit micro processrs that compute in 3d circuits and...  oh wait thats a brain.
You see what I mean tho.  All you can really do as a consumer is either get out the old data sheets or take the companies word that this new processor is actually better than the good old beef and gravy 3.8GHz P4 bad boys.  Until of course they have a dual core version.
Well I'm going to take part in this big 2000 man outdoor LAN party for 11 days, I go there every year.
I'm having a hard time comparing the CPU's at this moment too since the clock speeds are so different but still fast.

At this lan party I will have a few dedicated servers of my own running of which 1 is a P4 2.8 GHz and 1 is a C2D 2.66GHz
I will compare how many slots the can both hold on 1 core and see what the results are.
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