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domain // godaddy

i got a domain from godaddy and i wish to use my own hosting...

are these settings right ?

its been 3 days and still hasnt workeD :S
There are 2 ways (simple and overcomplicated Toungue ):

1 - Use redirection which you seem to have done and appears to have no problem. (If you didnt change the nameservers and just stuck in a redirection - it should of worked instantly)

2 - Change nameservers to your webhosts nameservers then add the domain onto your account through cpanel. This will bind the zones onto your webspace and you can create sub-domains, e-mail address etc with your new domain.
in the simple one (1)

do i have to use the default nameserver ? and just use the forwarding ?
All you should need to do is enter the redirect. The domain name should already be setup to use godaddy's nameservers.
kk tried resetting the nameservers to default ... have to wait 2 days :S
when i resetted the nameservers ( the domain forwarding is still there) im getting this :S
Looks like nameservers are correct, just its not redirecting anymore. Create a support ticket with godaddy to fix it.
is this resolved?
It should be..
Why are you posting in this?
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