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I am new at this. Here are some question that i have: How do you open the server when you turned of the computer?, How do you put a name for the server?, How do you put mods on the server? Are you admin when you make the server?, Is the server non-secure or secure?.
1. You can't run a server without the physical hardware being on.

2. Type "hostname name_goes_here" in the console or in a config file (these are the .cfg files in the "cfg" directory. Best to put it in server.cfg or autoexec.cfg).

3. That can depend on the type of server. Usually you'd just place them into /addons, but it really does depend on the game.

4. Not by default. You have to either install an administration plugin (Mani is a good one, but it's quite hard to set up for first timers). The first thing you should *always* do is to set an rcon password. Navigate to the "cfg" directory, and find "server.cfg" or "autoexec.cfg". If these don't exist, open notepad and save a blank document with "server.cfg" or "autoexec.cfg" as the filename. Make sure "All Files" is selected!

Once you've got your .cfg files, open one in notepad and add the line:

rcon_password "password_here"
(You can also just type "rcon_password passhere" in the srcds console too, but the cfg way does it automatically when you start the server or change map.)

To login, join the server and enter "rcon_password pass_you_set". To make sure you're logged in, type "rcon echo test". If all is fine, you'll have "test" printed in your console.

You can control your server if you're not on it by using "rcon_address", then repeat the password part above.

Hope that helped Smile
what ubermensch said!
you can also read my guide over at PHL, it has everything you need explained in the easiest way, step by step.
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Thx for all your help and if i need anymore questions i will ask.
When i got admin-mani-plugin i couldnt get into the server because there was a password and i dont kno it? how to take away the password? how to put rpg mod on the server?, how do you cange ther server to non secure?
mani has nothing to do with a password, only you can set the password. (sv_password <passhere>)
for rpg mod search those exact 2 words on google
to make it insecure add -insecure to the startupline.
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You need to take a look at your configs. Mainly server.cfg and autoexec.cfg. Look for an "sv_password" in them, and that'll tell you what the password is. You can also edit the password, or remove it completely.
thx and i deleted all of the stuff because my computer is too slow,old, and also i am getting my uncles computer which is sooooo much faster, better, and he is giving me is 22in moniter lol, but i might need it later and i can still ask for my friend that need help. THX
When my friend made it unsecure mani-admin-plugin didnt work???
Your friend probably changed something else too.

Making a server insecure shouldn't disable Mani.
When i go to this website how do you put in the commands for maxplayers, console,tickrate, ip,port?, also when it says The number with the yellow box around it is your IP (if you're not behind a router, then this is also your external IP). If it shows as 192.168.0.xx (like mine), this means you are behind a router and will need to use the website above to find the IP to give to your friends and whoever else you want to join your server. But for now, enter this internal IP into your commandline. when i type in ipconfig i dont see a website above the ip adres why??? also i dont see the thing to turn on the server?????
Okay, let me write up before someone beats me to it Big Grin

Maxplayers and stuff goes on something called a Command Line (CL). Here's a sample:

srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -autoupdate -tickrate 66 +maxplayers 16 +ip +port 27015

Let's have a closer look at it:


This part tells the PC to run srcds.exe. This will be different on Linux.


This tells the SRCDS to run in console mode, which is the black dos-style window, instead of the green 2004-like Steam window.

-game cstrike

game is one of the most important ones. Without this, you can't run a server! "cstrike" is the game directory located in the same folder as srcds.exe. You can load different mods by changing this, providing you've installed the mod directory properly!


I *think* this attempts to update the server, but I'm not sure.


How many ticks do you want to do per cycle? More ticks means less lag in 12 slots or less, but world war III in more than 12 slots.


How many players do you want to allow? CSS has a max of 64 as far as I know, while other mods (gmod9 and dystopia) are hardcoded at 20 or less. You should be careful when choosing a maxplayers, because it can't be changed without restarting the server!


If your server (hardware, not srcds) has more than one IP address and you want it to use a certain one, add this. +ip is useful if your machine has more than one NIC (network interface card).


+port tells srcds which port it should run on. The most common is "27015". If you want to run more than one srcds, you'll need to set a different port for each server. On my machine, I'm using 27015, 27025 and 27035 for servers, which are server 1, 2 and three respectively. It's even better using that system because I name my servers in a sensible way too: server1-moddir-portnumber. So a CSS server would be server1-cstrike-27015.

The website you need to go to to get your IP is Take that and put it in the +ip command line above.

If you do have a router, go to and pick your router model from the list. You'll get a handy guide on how to port forward for srcds Smile

Fingers are worn out now...
Was all my work for nothing? I typed weeks to make that guide lol.
If you follow it step by step really NOTHING can go wrong!

Well ubermensch took the time to write it down all again, I have a few additions to his post.

+ip can be used as -ip these days, which is more usefull
same goes for +maxplayers => -maxplayers
+port is supposed to be -port (the + command should be +hostport)
-autoupdate is linux only it doesn not work on windows
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Fingers are out of action for a while, so my tongue is stepping in.

You learn something new every day Big Grin
When i try to open the server it says Couldn't allocate dedicated server UDP port why and how do you fix this??????

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