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MadSurf clan with a server
So we're a CS:S surf clan (I know, there is no idea of having surf clans but because people started to request it on the server, I started it)
We're running 12-man server, sv_airaccelerate 100, tickrate 33 and lots of surf maps.
Server ip is and website is (there can be many typos because I haven't got so good knowledge of English language)

  • Server DOESN'T have sv_downloadurl, so downloading may take a long time.
    It's running in FINLAND so don't connect from USA, you will be kicked due to high ping.

And please, if you liked the server, visit at the forums (Found at the website) and rate the server here
If the IP doesn't work, check new ip from here

Thank you for viewing my post Wink
Nice, no replys at all.

Well not much to say, except for that the site looks pretty nice and clear Smile
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Thanks, I appreciate that Smile

By the way, ignore the / signs after ' or " because I created a PHP script to import news to that website, and haven't got the quotes working Rolleyes
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