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i cant find my adminlist.txt in my mani_admin_plugin folder
I did everything the tutorial told me to do and i opened the mani_admin_plugin folder. But I cant find the adminlist.txt so i can add myself as admin so can someone send me a copy of the adminlist.txt so i can add it to the folder using the notepad. Also so i can add myself as an admin in my server. Would this work????

Respond A.S.A.P
Thank You
I noticed that the adminlist was not included, i created my own and all went well.
There's a copy of every file in the mani documentation on their website
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Mani no longer uses Adminlist, it's outdated, it now uses the clients.txt which tracks data for admin and allows more user groups and such. You can configure it in game once you are added as an admin by going to the clients(the last option I believe on the mani main list) options.

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