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Hello All,

I am writing this post to do 1 of 2 things, the first being, seeking a GSP start up partner with both time and an equal share of money to invest. I don't feel as if I need to show my whole business plan to the world, so I will inform you via pm if you are interested Smile

if anyone is interested in starting their own GSP - I can guide you through doing so, coordinate and manage deals, help with installations, basically get you started with every aspect for a small employment fee. This is totally negotiable to your needs. I am very well qualified and have been employed at high level positions for renown GSP's. My full resume is available if you'd like. Shoot me a PM.
Hi Vibe,

I've actually been writting a series of posts to help people begin with their own GSP and as you seem to be experienced, I was wondering if you may want to join the discussions. There are five posts available and I have a few others as drafts but it seems more difficult than I thought to get some feedback. I am pleased to provide people with experience and knowledge but I would love to see other professionals posting their opinions and impressions so we can all share information on the most basic topics regarding the creation of a GSP company.

Please join and tell me what you think:
Biz Growth:
SRCDS Security:

Thanx alot in advance

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