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Maps in mapcycle/votemap/rockthevote
Can anybody plz help, I gotta problem:

My server runs with mani-admin-plugin..
Now, it says that I can add maps in a .txt file, so they can be chosen in the voting..
But when I access my adminmenu, and choose mapvoting, I can only choose the standard maps..

The maps im trying to add are all surf_maps..
I've checked all the txt files: mapcycle.txt, votemap.txt and maps.txt.. In all of them the surf maps are there, but they aren't shown..

Plz help..
please read the mani plugin documentation on the website it's all there...
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depends on the setting you have in the mani config for which file it'll use for selecting the maps...there are several options and i think it lists what they are in the comments next to it.

you might find it's selecting votemaplist.txt in cfg\mani_admin_plugin and from what you typed in your message it isn't clear whether you've added the maps into that particular file.

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