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Counter Strike Team Balancer
We use to use Eric's Team Balancer a year or more ago. The people that made up our clan then, voted it out. We've since had members come and go and we are back to looking into getting a balancer running.

We are currently using the TB that comes with HLStatsX and find that we are longing for some of the features we remember from ETB. Like, not switching the same person for X number of rounds and even being able to have admins turn it on and off thru a Var as they deem necessary for the game at hand.

I remember that Eric has long since abandoned his TB and hasn't supported it since last summer, or longer. So I thought I'd post to my fellow server admins and get your input/suggestions on what you are using for a Team Balancer. Did someone pick up with Eric's TB and keep it updated? I don't necessarily want feed back on why or why not you think a TB is needed, that's why I didn't post on the steam forums (that forum is nothing but flame wars). :-)

Lemme know what you think,

Hmm I have seen some servers running ETB or stuff alike, there are alot of teambalancers on the net. You can look over here:

I believe PTBx by XAD is somehwere in there too.
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