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Hello all,

Has any other GSPs being having loads of price requests for 2 x 100 tick servers? I tell them the price, they get back to me with "OH NO! Prize Play can do it for £28 for both!"

Or around that general responce.

It's getting pretty annoying now. I've talked to other GSPs and they get the exact same thing. It's like they want to promote the fact they sell under priced servers and obviously won't be in business for long.
prize play?. never heard of them, must be a Uk thing? but if they're going to sell 2 100 tick servers for that low, something is definatly fishy.
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Yeah, sounds like they're a new UK based GSP, but there is no way they're staying in business for long with those prices.
Looked at their site, their order scripts dont even work lol.

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the order script does not function with firefox at the moment, this is being worked on.

Nothing fishy, we can sell servers that low because we have the equipment to do so. We will be in the business for a long time. We have many many customers all of which are happy with our services and we thank them for their support.

Despite the posts that have appeared in this forum about our position within the business we can assure all our customers that we will be around for a very long time. Business is as healthy as ever and continues to grow every day.

I fail to see how any GSP could pass such comments about a rival unless they have evidence to back up their claims. If you cannot compete with our prices maybe its time you packed up and went home rather than spending your time sitting in this forum passing comment on a company you obviously know nothing about.
I'm not going to start a flame war here but when your "clients" contact us, several times asking for our prices (which are clearly on our website) and then turning around and saying "Ohh Prize play are half that price" then it's obvious something is going on.

It's not if companies can compete with your prices, it's if they want to give their company a bad image, along with the rest of the market.
I agree with sean there, if they were indeed happy, they wouldn't be looking around for a new service. something is definatly wrong.
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
Custmers always look around for new deals with different companies. If there are problems with our services we are always just an email / support ticket away. If we dont receive any feedback then we cant do anything about it. Read into it as much as you want.

If people are requesting prices despite the fact that they are available on your website are you not concerned about why they cant clearly see them or why they feel the need to contact you directly?

I am also unable to understand your remark about bad giving their company a bad image, how would that be possible in relation to prices.
Well take website hosting for example. 999 GB Space with 999999 GB Bandwidth for £1.50.

My prices are clear, it just the people who I have on MSN who contact me directly. Maybe they know my prices and just want to throw it in my face how "cheap" you guys are?

I'm gonna stop replying anyway. I can see a flame war occuring.
I cant see a flame war happening at all. I appreciate all the comments and can only apologise that you are being annoyed. We are just a bunch of gamers who want to provide a good, cheap gaming service to all gamers.

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