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WHMCS License Sale! Leased Licenses Just $9.95 a month!
Hello all,

WHMCS Licenses is a Certified WHMCS Reseller and offer leased and owned licenses for discount prices. We also provide services related to WHMCS.

What is WHM Complete Solution (WHMCS)?

WHM CompleteSolution (WHMCS) is a Client Management, Billing & Support System. WHMCS can provide your hosting company with high levels of automation and drastically reduce the time you spend administering simple tasks. Including automatic invoice generation, support ticket system, affliate system, and much more! For more information and a full feature list click here.


Leased Licenses: Just $9.95 a month! ( Saving you $4.00 a month off offical prices! )

This offer ends 20th August, usual price is $11.95 a month.

Features included with a leased license

» FREE installation ( LIMITED TIME ONLY )
» Direct support from WHMCS
» Direct login at
» Unlimited clients
» Script updates for the age of your account

What is the address to your website?

Our website is located at
You can see the our reseller certificate here.

I have more questions!

Please feel free to reply to this topic, or for a quicker responce, email

Where do I order?

Please order here:
Get a Leased License for just $9.95
for your first month!

not every month
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That's correct. After the first month it's $11.95. Which is $2 cheaper than from the offical website.

The licenses are exactly the same as from the offical site ( and come with updates, support direct from the offical website, etc. You even get support from our staff.

If you'd like to see a demo. There are some links at the bottom of:

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