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Free Sound List is Full!
Anyone know what this means? I get like 100 of those on the server and I have no idea what it means or how to fix it.

thanks in advance
babysitter? I never asked for a babysitter...i asked for help. why would you offer to help and then insult someone? makes no sense...

anyway i thought it might be something that might be common...i have only one mod called mani admin plugin which i did almost nothing but install it...i really didnt play with the configs since i really dont know what to do...i just started the server and everytime someone is playing on gives like 10-15 lines of FREE SOUND LIST IS FULL! and repeats doing that until no one is playing on the server anymore.
Get the same lines on my CSSBig GrinM server, but the server works fine. No clue what and if it's a problem.

Any troubles with the server?
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No idea how this happens exactly but what I noticed is that the serverhas too much sound files to play at 1 moment.

When that line flies by it means it skipped the sound, which then means someone didnt hear a sound.

No big deal really unless the sounds are really important.
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thank you for the replies...i dont get any errors nor does the server have any just worried me, but thank you for clearing that up guys ^_^
khjb007 Wrote:If you need to get some help, provide more information about your server and mods you use. Nobody here is a babysitter.

Yeah Your Pretty Immature For Saying That, I Think Your The One Who Needs To Be Baby Sat! And BTW, Quite Frankly I've Had The Same Problem Since They Did An Update On srcds, So No.. It's Not Something New, Supposively Valve Says Don't Worry About It Because It's Nothing Serious, As They Aren't Going To Change The Code Just To Get Rid Of The Log Spam That Everyone Is Seeing In Console "The Free Sound List Is Full". Yes, It Is Very Annoying To See This Pop Up Everytime Someone Shoots A Bullet, So I Did A Test... I Installed A Fresh Install Of srcds, Just To See If It Would Spam The Console Without Anything Installed, And What Do Ya Know, It Still Did It, So Basically It Has Nothing To Do With Having Other Sound/Plugins Installed. Yeah... I Think Something Has To Be Done About This, Because It's Just Not Right, And There Is Absolutely Nothing You Can Do About The Spamming! Check This Link Out:
Sound list Full! problems
Hi. If you guys replace any Sounds , mods or skins for games they should come with scripts.txt that that sounds in the game for Mods.


before & after replace

when you download any mods or skins they have more sounds then the original sound.

before - have 3 sound.wav
After - have 5 sound.wav

you should change the sound_script.txt for that mod
cause the 1st sound script have only 3 and the new have 5
that's why some sound could not hear in the game.

Try to download the sounds scripts for your game
that should help. by the way I m creating my own sound script
for my CSS sounds, Argh Headache!

If any thing that you not sure of reply me.
Roger out
Solutions of Sound list full! error massage in console
the only way is to backup your CSS or HL2 script files from four computer.
coz you may have been playing from another server, thats why some punks tried to messed up your
file script. If you guys plying on the Net The server massage in the console
"Do you want the server to overwrite your script?" "- or - game files? " somesort like that. THAT's why ypur sound.CTX files are in a mess. I've been working with the scripts for a long time and I know wats wrong.I will give you some script that will be able to help you

sound list full! is not becase of your CPU system. But form your game scripts that you download from SERVERS and the internet. EXPACELY WEAPONS! example [weapon_awp] [weapon_glock.txt]
OPEN UP EVERY weapon_XXX CTX or your TXT files that you download. & FIND THIS LINE BELOW
do this to all of [weapon_xxx.txt] files
[....Only weapon.ctx , weapon.txt....]

// Sounds for the weapon. There is a max of 16 sounds per category (i.e. max 16 "single_shot" sounds)

* Change the digi - 16 TO null *
* the maximum of "Bullets" that shoots out should'nt be more then 3 *

When it is done run the game - spawn a few bots and test with every weapons.
"Good luck Commanders"
// Sounds for the weapon. There is a max of null sounds per category (i.e. max null "single_shot" sounds)
(05-17-2006, 08:42 AM)pvptalk Wrote:  Anyone know what this means? I get like 100 of those on the server and I have no idea what it means or how to fix it.

thanks in advance

open your scripts csource/cstrike/script/weapon_awp.CTX
& not Weapon Folder. do this to all weapon.CTX files. COPY THIS BELOW

// Sounds for the weapon. There is a max of null sounds per category (i.e. max null "single_shot" sounds)

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