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The We Miss Drocona Thread...
So Dro has been gone for a little while, been busy with other things...

Lets show our appreciation for him and see if we can get him to come back with a smile Big Grin
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Quote:Drocona is currently away.
Reason: Busy
Away Since: 03-28-2009 Returns on: Unknown

hmm... :-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Big Grin
~ trewq
Ouch :/
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Hey guys, I just logged on after a long while again to see how things are going.

Unfortunately I don't have the time nor "fun" anymore to work much with computers, there's a lot of things with higher priorities than this forum. My real life has changed a lot the past year and I'm still uncertain of how and where things are going exactly.
All in good health of course and I hope you guys are too!

Maybe one day I'll be back, but I won't be writing any more tutorials etc anymore. I'm also sure a lot of things changed, I already missed more than half of the TF2 updates and I noticed how they converted CSS to the Orangebox also....
Meanwhile I'll just keep an eye on the forums every now and then when I have some spare time and see what's going on.

And thanks for thinking about me, didn't really expect to find a thread like this in here haha.


PS: 800 new posts since last login... omg!
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