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Server Configuration Editor
Hello everyone,

I've created this tool which I think some of you might consider usefull.
The tool contains the following features:
  • Creating new files based upon default values
  • Saving files with the .cfg extension
  • Opening existing files and reading them in
  • Editing main server configuration files (server.cfg)
  • Editing bots configuration files (bots.cfg)
  • Editing mani's admin plugin configuration files (mani_server.cfg)
  • Editing quake sound configuration files (mani_quake_sounds.cfg)

Some screenshots:

Build 100:

Please leave a reply if you've found a bug in the app or if you'd like to see some extra features.

Looks pretty nice from the Screenshots, and is clean Smile
Do you know which configuration parameter sets the damage statistics to console?

I mean this:
"Damage Given to "n3wbi3" - 18 in 2 hits"
Moved to the programs and utility forums.

Can you please attach this version and coming versions as an attachment on this forum so when your site goes down we are still able to download it.
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Ive always used this for configs
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