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What is Zodiac?
Vedic astrology is mainly the study of sun, moon, and mars etc. this thing is proved via many Astrology Site, understanding and respecting the effects of such heavenly bodies on the person on earth or an individual or a country or the whole world.

Vedic astrology is named after its principles on which its study and its explanations are made were listed in Vedas first. Vedas are the first thesis of ancient Hindu philosophy. What is Zodiac? If we imagine a path in the sky at approximately 18 degrees arc in the width encircling the earth in an east west direction, groups of stars will appear to be apparently fixed with respect to earth along this imaginary path.

One will be amazed by knowing that there are 27 star groups which can be recognized by the help of Vedic astrology. This imaginary path of star group are called zodiac. This zodiac surrounds earth it can be deliberate as 360 degrees, here only zodiac (27 group of stars are evenly located), hence each of them have a span of 360 degrees/27 = 13 degrees 20' arc.

This zodiac is alienated into 12 equivalent parts having a distance of 30 degrees arc; each of these arcs is called a zodiac sign. One sign will consist of 2 groups of stars. Out of these groups a particular group of stars is called Ashwini. Ashwani is known as the preliminary point of the zodiac and thus called the start no. 1.

Similarly, there are individual name for the 26 group of stars. Ashwini(1), Bharini(2), Krittika(3) are the first three stars in the zodiac. As stated earlier, the first span of 30 degrees arc in the zodiac will consist of Ashwini, Bharini and of Krittika constitute the first zodiac sign called 'Aries'. The name of the remaining 11 zodiac signs after 'Aries' are : Taurus(2), Gemini(3), Cancer(4), Leo(5), Virgo(6), Libra(7), Scorpio(8), Sagittarius(9), Capricorn(10), Aquarius(11) and Pisces(12).
Nice information, I'm just wondering what drives you to pos this kind of info on a forum where nature is the complete opposite of what we are doing here. Smile
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