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Looking for testers and feedback
I'm looking for people to test and provide their feedback on a new GSP service I've been developing. It's called TempServers and the concept is to provide servers on an hourly basis instead of a monthly basis that GSPs usually provide. It is intended for people who need a server for a temporary purpose such as a match.

This is somewhat experimental so we're doing an open beta to test out the website functionality and to get people's opinions on it. Feel free to try it out and post feedback here or at the website.

The website is:

Let me know what you think. Also, I want to thank those members from here who have already tried it and provided feedback. Smile
Interesting idea, but how do you plan to manage things like Admin mods and configs?
Addon management is something I plan to address soon. You can edit the main server config and mapcycle from the website right now.
Son of a Bit**, i always thought this is a good idea and i am glad someone put it in to action. Hope for the best and tell us how it turns out Smile
Hmm, well, i think you should just create a script with tcadmin, so that each server only lasts how many hours they buy it for, keep logins the same and etc, and allow those people to use ftp.
Also please do 100 tick Big Grin, i tried your services, and people could change fps to 982, i assume your using linux Smile
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cookies911 Wrote:tried your services, and people could change fps to 982, i assume your using linux Smile

you can do 1000 fps in server 2008, if he was doing Linux he would probably go higher than 1000, and i doubt that should be something to worry about. i feel that the customer should be allowed to do what ever the hell they want with it for the time. like every one else is saying great idea, I'm interested in how you will execute this.
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Thanks for your comments. I'm looking at the possibility adding FTP access, but it would require a lot of changes to the backend to separate server instances. Increasing tickrate for supported games also sounds like a good idea and is easy to implement.
We actually have a patent pending on this service. We introduced this 2-3 months ago.
Really? Where?

The first beta of TempServers started Jan 26. Here's the announcement
This has been done early 2000 by a uk company that went by the name of barrysworld you could rent a server for a match etc
nextgi Wrote:We actually have a patent pending on this service. We introduced this 2-3 months ago.

It doesn't matter who started it first, it's who gets the patent first Toungue
So you're trying to secure a patent on a different pricing scheme on game server rentals that has already existed for several years? I don't know a lot about patent laws, but that seems a little unlikely...
StevoTVR I agree this seems a bit...far fetched. I hope he indulges you such that no laws are broken.

However, since when does providing an online service deem it to be a patent. By definition, a patent is applicable to physical property. Really, I think you meant ServiceMark. At least this link explains it that way:

Nonetheless, people that may rightly have some form of a patent pending, which means very little as the process for actual approval is indefinite, would provide that number for verification and information to other parties. A nice gesture to show others that they might be crossing the same paths. Then you'll know who to go after for royalties.

Somehow, this might seem possible, but I think improbable. To sell gameservers on an hour basis as opposed to a monthly basis? WHAT??!!
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MjrNuT Wrote:Somehow, this might seem possible, but I think improbable.

I trust that nextgi knows what he's talking about, as he seems to be one of the most honest people on these forums Toungue

I'll send you a PM of some comprehensive comments. I think you've got a great idea going and I've not seen anyone produce it as of yet. Or I'm just not seeing it, which is always possible.

Btw, what is your target market? I see for matches, but others?
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