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Counter Strike Source Server problam!! help me
some noobs do rcon_address ""
exec somecfg many and fast(pcw/prac with many commands)
and the server shutdown. server to be stuck and shutdown
it work for all servers. i need help plz. i cant play like this. Sad

sorry for my bad english :|
Do they know your RCON password?
realchamp Wrote:
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no they didnt know!
Please stop double posting Smile
They either need to know your password or they use some kind of security hole in one of your plugins.
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no i dont have plugin in server.. its server only for war (pcw/league)
they didnt know the rcon password they do rcon_address from console and after they run somecfg with many commands they run the cfg many times & fast and server stock and shutdown..
its work for all css servers. i can try it. run cmd without rcon password and with rcon address and look.
well make a really hard rcon password thats all that can help if no plugins allowed id recommend iron wall but w/e
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they didnt diviner my rcon password they write rcon_address "" after this they do exec pcw.cfg (or other with many server cmd) they run it many time and fast and this shutdown my server without rcon_password after this its say
Unable to connect to remote server (ip-port)
Lost RCON connection, please retry command (ip-port)

plz help Sad
they do this to 10-15 servers many times. we can't play normal like this .!

sorry for my bad english.

edit :

[Image: ykez2nk4ntd2.jpg]

see? without rcon password!@)(!&@)&!)*@

what i need to do Sad Sad Sad plz!!!!!!
Get eventscripts + iron wall, ill set it up for you and give you the link, all you need to do is change a cfg to match your rcon password
Change addons/eventscripts/ironwall/settings/settings.ini and input your rcon password there.
es_load ironwall
to your autoexec.cfg
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What you need to do is disable RCON by commenting out the RCON password line in your configuration file, and see if that stops them from running those commands, also, do you own the server? If your renting it and it's used my many different users and the files are CHMOD'd to 777 I'm sure that could allow someone to inject commands into the Shell for your server. Is your firewall running and blocking a fairly large number of ports? Do you run the CS:S server as root? if so you may have been root kitted and well even if you don't run the server as root they definatly could compromise the server's shell and run what ever commands they want, of course this would be a novice hacker who's very poor at covering their tracks.......
Its probably windows not linux
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They could be DDosing him. I think Iron Wall is the way to go Smile.
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
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I just want to make this one epic addon that includes all of the security addons from eventscripts and sourcemod
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