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Where can I find real gold bars to invest in the US?
Where can I find real gold bars to invest in the US?
You better invest in crypto with eToro US platform. Crypto is more popular than gold now. eToro crypto exchange is a platform targeted exclusively at the crypto traders from the US. The company provides users with the proprietary platform that has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and over 40 trading instruments
I'm not sure if a free exchange would be a good investment alternative. As for me, it's really more reliable to invest in precious metals. In any case, you can sell gold in a crisis, but intangible assets remain illiquid during an international economic crisis. In addition, gold or silver is almost the only investment option that really saves your money from inflation, given that the value of any currency depends on the ratio of printed banknotes to the country's gold reserve. You can buy a gold bar at any bank, pawnshop or specialized store, such as this one . In my opinion, here you can find a really large selection of gold bars and conclude a profitable deal without any problems.

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