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How to launch your training course
How to launch your training course and start earning from it
If you are a professional in something, share your knowledge and make money from it. Any professional who has achieved some success in their field thinks about sharing their knowledge with others by creating their own educational programme. Why not, it's not only a great way to market yourself as an expert, but also an opportunity to capitalize on your knowledge.
Choose a topic. Start with a small programme for beginners. What are the basics of your profession? What skills should a professional have to qualify for a junior or even trainee position in your field? Answer these questions and dedicate your first course to this.
Draw up a draft syllabus. You already have an idea of the future curriculum, but it is always better to formulate a description of it in a document. Start with the formal points: a memorable title, a portrait of the target audience, length in hours, introduction of programme experts. Give a short description of the programme: what topics it will cover and, most importantly, what the graduate will learn.
Make a professional training course using these tools  create a page describing all the benefits of your training programme and start collecting applications. You will say that it is too early, because we don't have anything except a programme outline document. But that's all the information you need for a course page. And to test the hypothesis, whether your educational product will be in demand, it is desirable before you spend a lot of time on its detailed elaboration. And then you can supplement your course with information that will be relevant to your clients. In this way you can earn good money in the future.

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