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AMD VS Intell
Hello. I am researching this subject figuring out which gens were better where. Please share some good websites, where it is easy to compare CPUs.
I was confused by the word gens at first, but then I figures out what you're talking about. You mean generations, am I right? IF so, I will recommend this website to you . I've already linked the website section that covers CPUs, you will find everything you need there.
Yes, I meant generations, of course, I didn't mean genes as in genetics XD . And thanks for sharing this link here, it will work for me.
I find that generally, the newer gens perform better. But comparisons are mostly available on many tech sites. Am I allowed to suggest another forum here?

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Hi, i use if you try to check that they have good comparisons and suggestions too depending on your budget. Plus you could
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Hi. Just search in google the best PCs cause they update every season. The GPU matters and the motherboard must be the latest generation.
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AMD is the better choice now for gamers. The system is really good in balancing the needs of the CPU. But eitherway, check out

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