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Gaming and BTC
Is it possible to find some interesting games/casino games that work with BTC? I want to try something new.
It is possible yes. There's a whole NFT thing going on right now. You can find some games that provide an opportunity to make some ETH. But I don't like it. I prefer old-school casino games. This crypto casino to be specific. That's my advice here. Just click the link, play, and earn. Enjoy the rash.
Interesting. I've never heard of NFT, but if you say so, I won't play the NFT games. Thanks for the link you've shared, I will try it out.
I also like to play crypto games online. I found a pretty good site for this, at least there are all the slots I'm interested in and I can play them for different cryptocurrencies. I often read reviews of other online casinos on the Internet and it seems to me that this site is devoid of common shortcomings, such as long verification or long cryptocurrency withdrawals. What do you think about it?

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