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Etherium classic
It appears that it is separate and its own thing. Is it worth any attention at all?
Hi. It may sound weird but the Ethereum is a separate thing lol. The Ethereum classic is the Etherum that was in the very beginning. Then came some changes and these two became two separate things. Here, check this article
Interesting. Today I've learned something useful. And something that can potentially bring me a good income. Thank you for sharing all that.
I don't think this is the best solution in this situation, there are alternatives
Yes, Etherium Classic is worthy of attention. It is a separate cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum source code. It has a different development team and may have different features than the current version of Etherium. However, it is still worth considering as an investment.
You can use the service to exchange cryptocurrencies jidex. It was recommended to me by friends.
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I don't have a very good relationship with etherium. I like other cryptocurrencies better.

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