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Calling All Cars! FreeBSD 5.x Issues
Well, where to start. I have been having this problem for a couple of months now. Me and my players on my server experience some very horrible lag. Sometimes the pings go up, sometimes they look normal (even during the lag). First experienced the problem running FreeBSD 5.2.1-p10 and linux_base-8. Since I have upgraded to FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE with linux_base-rh-9 (which someone said to try). Still having lag issues, maybe worse than before. I am getting pretty fed up with all of the lag and not sure what to do anymore. Even when there is only 10 people on the server it gets some lag, but gets really bad with a full server (32 people).

The server is located at with the following specs:

Pentium 4 2.8ghz /w HT
2 x 80GB hdds
Intel PRO 10/100
100mbit pipe (1200gb bandwidth per month)

Speed tests:


ftp> get DevVNC_unix.tgz
local: DevVNC_unix.tgz remote: DevVNC_unix.tgz
229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||58524|)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 'DevVNC_unix.tgz' (2486571 bytes).
100% |*******************************************************************************​**********| 2428 KB 1.61 MB/s 00:00 ETA
226 Transfer complete.
2486571 bytes received in 00:01 (1.61 MB/s)


ftp> get aimrtc12.exe
local: aimrtc12.exe remote: aimrtc12.exe
227 Entering Passive Mode (207,200,85,50,160,217)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for aimrtc12.exe (4946352 bytes).
100% |*******************************************************************************​**********| 4830 KB 1.26 MB/s 00:00 ETA
226 BINARY Transfer complete.
4946352 bytes received in 00:03 (1.26 MB/s)


ftp> get uumap.tar.Z
local: uumap.tar.Z remote: uumap.tar.Z
500 'EPSV': command not understood.
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,48,96,9,114,55)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for uumap.tar.Z (8520221 bytes).
100% |*******************************************************************************​**********| 8320 KB 1.19 MB/s 00:00 ETA
226 Transfer complete.
8520221 bytes received in 00:06 (1.18 MB/s)


Ok, please help me with this if you can Sad
cpu lag, mem lag, or bandwidth lag?
whats the tops look like?
theansaname Wrote:cpu lag, mem lag, or bandwidth lag?
whats the tops look like?

last pid: 82111; load averages: 0.39, 0.61, 0.41 up 3+14:58:48 11:03:35
50 processes: 2 running, 48 sleeping
CPU states: 40.7% user, 0.0% nice, 3.6% system, 0.0% interrupt, 55.7% idle
Mem: 320M Active, 345M Inact, 187M Wired, 51M Cache, 110M Buf, 79M Free
Swap: 2048M Total, 96K Used, 2048M Free

74158 hlserver 99 0 173M 102M RUN 346:00 30.42% 30.42% srcds_i686
the lag is only getting worse. someone help me. i'm getting to the point where i want to shut down the freaking thing.
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