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New GSP Looking for Alpha Testers

I’ve been working on a new type of game server hosting site over the past few months with a few friends and we are finally ready to open it up to some Alpha testers. I wanted to reach out to the srcds community  of experienced admins and see if anyone was willing to give our service a whirl. As an Alpha tester we’ll be giving you an unrestricted account on the site, so you can fool around, try to break stuff, and provide us your feedback.

A couple of things make Kinyobe unique. First, we have a simple web interface to configure the server, so there’s no dealing with plaintext files for server.cfg, map rotation, etc.. Secondly, with Kinyobe, you only pay for the time the server is running, so you can play any game you want without a monthly rental.

You can sign up for our Alpha here. We’ll be starting slow with just a few users, but will open it up to more people as we get things rolling.


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